Wakefield Agricultural Corporation is a leading Bio-Agricultural Engineering firm used in the episode "The Inside Job" of the television series Leverage.


Wakefield Agricultural Worldwide Incorporated is a major player in the world wide cereal grain market. Even though Wakefield is a Fortune 500 company, the corporation made several bad investments in the past few years, and was bleeding red ink. In an attempt to corner the wheat market, the BioTech division spent 60 million dollars to develop a super wheat that was immune to the effects of a genetically engineered variant of a Russian based wheat blight (UG99). Their plan was to encourage the spread of the blight to the United States. They contracted Archie Leach to steal it from their own headquarters, so it could be released and the market share of their super wheat would dominate the wheat industry.


  • Charles Rushing - CEO
  • Dr. Anne Hannity - Sr. Vice President of Research and Development/Biotech Division
  • Mr. Vorhees - Head of Security

Biotech DivisionEdit

  • Dr. G. Enzen
  • Dr. B. Beck - Identity Parker steals in her attempts to evade the Steranko
  • Dr. S. Amlin - the Marketing guy who fancies the woman whose cubicle Alec Hardison directs Parker to wait for an earbud.
  • Dr. Sandra Willis
  • G. Thorn


  • Charlie
  • C. Conners




  • Wakefield employs the use of Steranko Security Systems
  • Wakefield was one of the companies trying to buy out Dodgson Energetics in the White Rabbit Job.