Your friends' lives hang in the balance and you're going to take your cues off a punch-up artist instead of me?

James Sterling

The team sets out to rescue Nate's ex-wife Maggie Collins, when she's falsely accused of smuggling in Ukraine. In order for their scheme to succeed, they must join forces with longstanding nemesis Sterling. But when Nate is held for ransom, they discover what Eliot's moniker, retrieval specialist, really means.

The ClientEdit

Maggie Collins, Nate's ex-wife, is detained in Ukraine, accused of stealing a Fabergé egg with the intent to smuggle it into the United States. Sterling recruits the team to rescue Maggie but has an agenda of his own: to use the team to recover the egg while exposing the real thief.

The MarksEdit

Alexander Lundy, an American attaché in Kiev. Lundy is a financial manager who has sustained significant losses. The team believes he plans to sell the egg via an underground auction.

The ConEdit

Episode NotesEdit

  • This is the first episode where Eliot runs the con.
  • When Maggie discovers Nate, Nate's reply is "I can explain", an echo of The Second David Job.
  • The ending of this episode was re-written so that Jim Sterling's character could become an investigator for Interpol, so he could be the adversary in the "The Three Strikes Job" and "The Maltese Falcon Job"


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