I'll tell you what you want to know, but I'll only talk with her.

Charlie Lawson

--> From TNT: On the trail of a lost Van Gogh, the team learns the painting was the center of a World War II love story between a black soldier and the white heiress he was forced to leave behind.

The ClientEdit

Charlie Lawson, an African-American WWII vet, who found a Van Gogh painting in France while serving as a supply truck driver during in the war and smuggles it back into the U.S. Before the war, Lawson was in love with a white American girl, and hoped the painting would allow them to leave the small town where they lived after the war. When their plans do not work out, Charlie gives Dorothy, the girl he loves, the painting to hide, and in present time, is pursued by an unknown wealthy man determined to recover the painting by any means.

The MarkEdit

There is no mark in this episode. The team becomes involved when Owen, a former investigator for I.Y.S. Insurance, tells Nate that the lost Van Gogh painting has resurfaced. When Nate declines the case, telling Owen he is not in art recovery anymore, Owen tells Nate he should take the case to protect Charlie from the retrieval specialists who are searching for the painting.

Charlie's Story (Flashbacks) Edit

The Search for the Painting (Present Day) Edit

Episode NotesEdit

  • The episode was originally intended to be broadcast as the season's fifth episode, but was later shown fourth for "production reasons".
  • This episode is unusual as there is no specified mark, instead the team attempts to find Van Gogh's lost painting and protect Charlie from unscrupulous retrieval guys who will do anything to find the painting. Ultimately, this resolves in a way similar to The Nigerian Job, in that the man who approaches Nate with the job in the first place (in this case, Owen), later attempts to double-cross him upon the job's completion.
  • The episode is split between the team's present day search for the painting and the 1940's as Charlie tells Parker the story of how he found the lost Van Gogh.
  • In the flashbacks, we see the people in Charlie's past as Parker imagines them: Hardison as Charlie; Parker as Dorothy, the girl Charlie loves; Nate as Dorothy's uncle, the town sheriff; Sophie is the sheriff's wife, a war bride; and Eliot is Charlie's commanding officer in the war. The relationships and romantic entanglements in the flashbacks mirror the team's relationships in the present.
  • Charlie opens up to Parker because she reminds him of the girl he loved and lost and he sees that she and Hardison have a chance to have the relationship he and Dorothy could not.

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