The Turnabout is an old school scam used by the Leverage Consulting & Associates in the television series Leverage


The Long Con involves a second party inserting themselves into the first party's con, using a "Mark" which is a weakness in the con. In the end the second party walks off with all the first party's cash.


It takes five people to do The Turnabout

  • The Badge (2): Two people play the role of Law Enforcement to influence the Mark. ("The Outside Man")
  • Sheepdog: - Herds the first party, particularly, "The Mark", into position. Also plays the victim when the con seemingly goes awry. ("The Fixer")
  • Ice Queen: - Second Party's mastermind who negotiates the "deal", and gives legitimacy to the "Bagman". ("The Floater")
  • Bagman - the Second Party's money man and subordinate to the "Ice Queen", ends up being "The Inside Man" who works with the First Party, and avoids interacting with "The Mark".

Ideally, "The Badge" and the "Sheepdog" scare "The Mark" enough to have him go to the police. The "Bagman" and the "Ice Queen" interact with the head of the First Party, to arrange a payoff. "Bagman" walks off with the money, and "The Mark" brings in the real police to clean things up.


In "The Beantown Bailout Job", the team uses The Turnabout to thwart the The O'Hare Family Mob's plan and steal their money; until they find out their Mark is actually the guy in charge.



Once the plan appears to be blown, the team changes tactics. The Sheepdog becomes the Fixer, giving the Ice Queen and the Bagman opportunity to prove themselves to both the "Mark" and the First Party. In this case, the First Party (now the new Mark) panics and runs to the Badge.