Season finale, Part 1. Nate and the team scam crooked Belbridge, MA mayor Brad Culpepper III by taking advantage of his passion for baseball. The high-tech outlaws try to cover all the bases, but they're thrown a curve because of an unforeseen snafu.

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  • Brad Culpepper III

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  • Dean Devlin and John Rogers appear as the voices of the hosts of "SportsLine with John and Danny".
  • Vic Gilliam, who plays the owner of the Palmerston Beavers, is a sitting State Senator from Oregon's 18th House District.


  • PGE Park is the home of the Portland Beavers. In one of the scenes of the ball park, a man is seen wearing a T-shirt with the word "Oregon" on it.
  • Hardison's final words to Lucille, "I've always been, and forever shall be, your friend. I'll never forget you.", is a reference to Spock's final words in Star Trek.
  • The opening scene contains a distinctive speed limit sign bearing the phrase "Speed 25". The naming convention "Speed XX" rather than "Speed Limit XX" is unique to Oregon, which has a grandfathered exception from federal sign standards.

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Super Happy Power Go! commercial

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