All your life, you thought you were better than me. Now you're trying to be me?

— Jimmy Ford

The ClientsEdit

Andrei, Simikov and the Coffee Man, all Russian immigrants being forced to work with the Russian mob. Andrei approaches the team and describes the mob's

The MarkEdit

Jimmy Ford, Nate's father. Recently released from prison, Jimmy has returned to Boston to regain his reputation as fixer to Boston's big three crime families. Jimmy appears to simply be assisting the Russian mob, but actually has a robbery of his own to commit.

Pieter Volokh, a Russian mobster attempting to retrieve loot confiscated by the Boston Police Department. Pieter has joined forces with Jimmy to use a series of faked bank robberies as a way to rob the police evidence depository.


The ConEdit

Episode NotesEdit

  • Three-Card Monte is a classic scam where the mark is persuaded to bet increasingly large sums of money on the proposition he can find the winning card from among three the grifter quickly moves from side-to-side. A variation on the shell game, three-card monte uses three playing cards turned upside down, generally the two black jacks and the queen of hearts, which the mark must find. At first, the grifter allows the mark to win, earning his confidence and persuading him to re-bet his money "double or nothing." The grifter may use slight of hand to replace the queen with a jack, or misdirection to keep the mark from finding the queen, and the mark loses. At times, a shill is used to encourage the mark to continue playing or to draw marks in by pretending to win.
  • Eliot and Hardison use the aliases of Moffat and Davies. These are nods to Steven Moffat and Russell T. Davies, two of the executive producers of Doctor Who.