Who are you people?

— Damien Moreau

Season finale, Part 2. The crew follows long-standing villain Damien Moreau to San Lorenzo, only to discover he's forged political connections at the highest level. In order to finally bring justice to Moreau, the team will need to take over the country's upcoming presidential election if they're to stand any chance of taking down Moreau once and for all.

The ClientEdit

The team has no client in the formal sense. However, they ally themselves with San Lorenzan General Flores, who is currently imprisoned by President Ribera's forces on Damien Moreau's orders and Michael Vittori, a teacher with aspirations to be president, but little chance of being elected.

The MarkEdit


The ConEdit


  • The Spanish Turnabout
  • The Peking Watch Con

Episode NotesEdit

  • As the cast prepared to film the scenes with the video screen early in the episode, Goran Visnjic arrived for his costume fitting. The crew planned to have a crew member read Moreau's lines as is ordinarily done, but Visjnic offered to stay and read himself. Consequently, we see the cast interacting with Visnjic, who was seated alongside the big screen, just out of camera range.
  • The live audience speech was shot in the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall.  There are also extensive shots of its lobby areas redressed as a hotel:  The concession stand is used as a security desk.  The shots with marble walled rooms and elaborate chandeliers are in lobby areas as well.  The three story marble balcony overlooks the lobby.

Major EventsEdit

  • It's revealed that Nate can speak Italian.


  • Moreau mentions the exploits of Leverage Consulting & Associates in "The Reunion Job".
  • Early on, a photo is shown of the President of San Lorenzo in front of his palace. The actual palace is the Castille Palace in Valletta, Malta. The image of El Presidente was pasted over.
  • The domed "San Lorenzo Parliament" building is the former Cuban Capitol Building (now the Cuban Academy of Sciences) in Havana.
  • Nate calls Hardison a '24 year old genius with a smart phone,' suggesting that might be his real age.


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