Flag of Nigeria

An opportunity like this, the same week as the Shareholder’s Meeting. The bug, the fake offices, cash bribes, Nigerians for god’s sake! Nigerians! I mean, it’s like those email scams with Nigerian bank fraud letters.

Victor Dubenich, The Nigerian Job

In a parallel to the Nigerian E-mail Scam, the The Nigerian Scam is a Long Con, which involves foreign entities with money and opportunity. Often far too good to believe.


As foreign investment is both lucrative and outside of United States law, the opportunity provided is often too profitable to ignore. The problem is that foreign investment is also risky as it is impossible to prosecute when the investors rip the mark off.


To exact revenge on Victor Dubenich in "The Nigerian Job", Nathan Ford suggests the Nigerian Scam. The twist is that he uses real Nigerians, and a real company (African Commercial Transport and Trade Initiative), suggesting it is a scam, which Dubenich tries to report to the FBI. When it is discovered that Dubenich had received a bribe by real foreign nationals, the FBI performs a raid on Bering Aerospace and ruins Dubenich.



Dubenich is caught with a bribe, and the stock price of Bering Aerospace plummets, ruining both Dubenich and his organization. It was also found out that he did steal plane designs from Pierson Aviation.