The Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa variant an variation of the "Mona Lisa" con. It is so titled because it involves the theft of a painting other than the Mona Lisa, for which the original con was named.


The Mona Lisa con was first executed in 1911. According to legend, Eduardo de Valfierno hired three men, including Vincenzo Peruggia, a worker at the Louvre, to steal the Mona Lisa. Before he did so, he had five replicas made, then sold the replicas to wealthy art lovers all over the world, with each buyer thinking that he had the original. Or so the story goes.

Over time, questions have arisen as to whether Valfierno was ever involved in the theft, or simply claimed he was in order to run the Mona Lisa con. Although Peruggia stole the painting, Valfierno never collected it from his partner. Many art theft experts now believe Peruggia actually stole the painting in the misguided belief it should be repatriated to Italy, and that there is no connection between Valfierno and Peruggia.

This was one of the first scams that Parker learned. Marcus Starke and Sophie Devereaux used to run this scam, many times, in Europe. It is his favorite con.


In The Two Live Crew Job, Marcus Starke and his crew attempted to steal a Van Gogh painting and sell replicas of it on the black market and in auction houses. But before they could, the Leverage team stopped them, pinning the blame on Colin "Chaos" Mason.