My name is Nate Ford, and I am a thief!

— Nate

Season finale, Part 2. Nate and his team continue efforts to hustle mayor Brad Culpepper III and his gunrunning cohort Tony Kadjic. In the end, they succeed, but Nate bargains his freedom for that of the rest of his team.

The ClientEdit

The MarksEdit

  • Brad Culpepper III
  • Tony Kadjic

The ConEdit

Episode NotesEdit

  • Sophie reappears using the identity Annie Kroy, an alias she originally used in "The Beantown Bailout Job".
  • Actress Gina Bellman was "very pregnant" during the taping of this episode, and several of her full body shots are digitally altered to hide her pregnancy.
  • When Sterling catches Nate, he says, "You're nicked!" Nick is British slang for a jail, as well as to steal or take. It's used when something is stolen, as well as when someone is arrested.
  • When the team moves the mayor from Room 1420 to Room 1418, the two rooms are laid out identically. In reality, they would be mirror images of each other, allowing the two rooms to share a common plumbing stack, as is typical in modern hotels.


  • The Governor Hotel is a real hotel in Portland, Oregon. It served as the show's base during production, and was used as a location in multiple episodes.
  • Parker notices the name of one of the porn films viewed by the room owner is "Indypanties Day", a play on Dean Devlin's hit film "Independence Day".
  • Super Mario and Dig Dug are characters from two of the earliest video and arcade games from the 1980s.
  • Hardison's alias, Mr. Joshua, was a nod to the character in the movie Lethal Weapon.