Look. A big-box store is gonna destroy a small town, and I want to save it! Is that not what we do?

— Eliot

 Eliot takes a personal interest in the threat posed to a small town by a new mega-store. The crew tries a variety to approaches to foil the plans of an ambitious corporate representative and keep the store from opening.

The ClientEdit

Tabitha, an independent grocery store owner, on behalf of the small town of Apple Springs, Oregon. Her business, like many other "Mom and Pop" stores in the town are being harrassed and pressured out by the opening of a new Big Box chain store.

The MarkEdit

Caroline Cowan, the Regional Team Leader of "Value!More" stores, who wants to move up to a higher position in the company. Cowan is responsible for assuring the success of new stores, but has grown tired of life on the road.


The ConEdit

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Episode NotesEdit

  • The music used when Nate unleashed the flash mob was Mussorgsky's "Night on Bald Mountain." The piece is best known to modern audiences from the 1940 Walt Disney film Fantasia.
  • Sophie's ID, Dr. Ellie Sattler, is the name of the paleobotanist character portrayed by Laura Dern in the Jurassic Park series of movies (although Jurassic Park's Dr. Sattler is "Ellen," while Sophie's is "Eleanor.") A nod to this origin is when Hardison gives her the list of chemical names, and she exclaims that they sound like the names of dinosaurs.
  • ValueMore hold many similarities to big store retailers such as Walmart, such as its low prices and low wages, as well as worker trouble issues.
  • Parker uses her Alice White alias again in this episode, even though in the season premiere, Hardison said all of their previous aliases were burned.
    • This may be because Hardison had enough time at this point to rebuild their aliases or it is used because it is only used once or simply because Alice White is the name Parker is most comfortable using as it was her most complete alias.
  • Even though the rest of the team is drawn to going after Value!More by Eliot proposing the idea (aside from Nate already having had the company on his radar), this in turn comes about after Eliot had met with the client; he is the only one of the team who actually meets with the client in this episode.


Episode MediaEdit

Google+ Video Hangout (45 min.)

Leverage Winter Premiere Hangout

Leverage Winter Premiere Hangout


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