I wanted to see how good you are, and show you how good I am; you can consider it my audition.

Tara Cole

The Leverage team targets shady lawyer Peter Blanchard, who's out to maintain control of his client's estate. Parker moves to the forefront of the scheme, masquerading as a long-lost daughter. Meanwhile, the team must deal with their client's earnest lawyer, who is determined to do things by the book.

The ClientEdit

Ruth Walton, who operates a charity which assists with finding adoptive homes for children in foster care. Adopted herself, Ruth beings receiving checks from Bennett to support her charity, which attracts the attention of attorney, Peter Blanchard.

The MarkEdit

Peter Blanchard, a high-profile, Harvard educated lawyer with one client: millionaire Bennett. Blanchard has devoted years of his career to dealing with Bennett's legal messes, and now feels entitled to his estate, over which he is executor. His only impediment is Ruth Walton, whose charity Bennett supported late in life.

The ConEdit

The Lost Heir


This episode introduces Nate's alias as Jimmy Papadakalis. Based on Jim Rockford's recurring alias Jimmy Joe Meeker on The Rockford Files, Papadakalis is a loud-mouthed Vegas lawyer who never met a corner he couldn't cut, and takes a loose view of the law, or so he'd have his opponent believe. Nate uses the stereotype Papadakalis conveys to annoy the mark and to create conditions that encourage him to let his guard down.

Episodes NotesEdit

  • This episode introduces grifter Tara Cole, played by Jeri Ryan, who temporarily replaces Sophie while Gina Bellman was on maternity leave. Tara joins the team at Sophie's request to pay back an unknown debt. Unlike the team, Tara grifts for money, which immediately causes friction when she presents her bill at the end of the episode. Little is known about Tara's background, although hints throughout her tenure on the show and a subsequent guest appearance suggest she has either FBI or military intelligence training. It is also unclear whether she is a professional grifter or uses her skills in another profession.


Hardison's line "You do not let Vicki Vale into the Batcave" is taken from the 1989 film Batman.

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