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The Ice Man commeth.

Alec Hardison

The crew tries to deliver comeuppance to corrupt diamond merchant Jim Kerrity III, but a misplay involving Hardison results in the team's efforts to bust through Boston's most impregnable vault.

The Client[]

Joey Cospito, a Boston cop working part-time as an armored car driver. Cospito is injured and put on leave without pay by the Boston Police Department when his armored car is robbed as part of Kerrity's plan.

The Mark[]

Jim Kerrity III, owner of Kerrity Diamonds. Kerrity plans to stage the theft of diamonds from his own vault in order to clear massive debts he has run up. To do so, he is in league with a group of Russian mobsters.


  • Boston, Massachusetts
    • Street Intersection
    • John McRory's Place
    • Nate's Condo
    • Night Club/Billiard Hall
    • Kerrity Diamonds
    • Spectrum Laser Labs
    • Tunnels Beneath Kerrity Diamonds
  • London, England
    • Unnamed Bar Interior
    • Car Interior

Guest Cast[]


  • Hardison: The Ice Man
  • Nate: Mr Sterling

Episode Notes[]

  • This episode was originally intended to be the winter-season opener, which would establish how the team was managing without Sophie. However, TNT moved this episode and The Lost Heir Job to summer because of the popularity of Leverage, and The Runway Job became the winter opener instead.
  • This episode is the first of several in which Gina Bellman makes brief appearances as Sophie, in this case via telephone, while on maternity leave, before returning to the cast late in The Maltese Falcon Job.


  • This is the first job that the team takes without Sophie, and is the only job they do with a four person team.
  • Nate uses the alias Sterling while playing the investigator from Kerrity's insurance company.
  • Parker's flashbacks come from The Stork Job and a deleted scene from the pilot episode, The Nigerian Job.