Respect the suit!

— Parker

The team works to restore Santa's good name by slipping into a mall on Christmas Eve, only to collide with a shady scheme and an enemy from the past (Colin "Chaos" Mason).


  • Frank ("Santa")

The ConEdit

  •  Edward Albee


  • Eliot Spenser - Santa
  • Alec Hardison - Photographer
  • Parker - Santa's Elf
  • Sophie Devereaux (or is it) - Driver Lady
  • Nate Ford - Pushy Consultant Guy


  • Colin "Chaos" Mason makes his second appearance on the series in this episode. His previous appearance was in "The Two Live Crew Job". Excerpts from that episode were briefly used in this episode to remind viewers who Chaos is.
  • It appears this is the first Christmas that the Leverage Consulting & Associates team has spent with each other.
  • Hardison uses the E.M.P. Gun again, in this episode, it was first used in "The Boost Job".
  • Sophie makes reference to Christmas at Aunt Emily's.
  • Sophie and Nate (well mostly Sophie) "obtain" Christmas presents for Eliot, Hardison and Parker. Eliot gets a samurai sword - Nate knows someone who knows a samurai. Hardison gets version 7 of a phone device (he claims only version 5 is out). Parker gets cash, a bundle of non-sequential 100 dollar bills.
  • Nate also gets Sophie a present, a silver bracelet with "your name here" engraved on it. This prompts Sophie to give Nate a hint as to her real name.
  • This is the final episode of Season 3 to use the TNT Title Sequence.
  • Parker wants Hardison to "hack" the weather so that she can have a White Christmas. At the end of the episode she gets her wish when it starts to snow.


  • Dooley mentions that he is losing his customers to "Twin Pines (Mall)". This references the mall from Back to the Future
  • Mason mentions that a federal prison is made to be broken out of, suggesting Nate knows the same thing. He references the events of "The Jailhouse Job".
  • When Mason destroys Lucille 2.0 with the E.M.P. gun, Nate asked "What, did he set the E.M.P. on -- toast?", which is a reference to Star Trek phasers, which could be set on "stun", and "kill". Wil Wheaton was a regular cast member on Star Trek:The Next Generation.
  • When asked by Eliot on why they didn't opt for him to just beat up the would-be robbers and he had to pose as one, Nate responded by saying that "clobbering time" would come later; a reference to Marvel Superheroes' The Thing, whose catchphrase is, "It's Clobberin' Time!".
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