Listen, next time I steal you a train, get on it.

Nathan Ford

Nate and his crew take aim at a Hugh Whitman, a debt collector scamming innocent taxpayers. The team's mission turns perilous when they discover their target is also a domestic terrorist backed by a gun-toting militia with two captives: Hardison and Eliot.

The MarkEdit

Hugh Whitman: A former district manager for the I.R.S., Whitman uses his collection agency to funnel illegally obtained funds into a small paramilitary group via a bank account in the name of Patriot Limited. Whitman is able to access confidential I.R.S. records in order to identify taxpayers with payment plans, then intimidates them into surrendering a credit card to settle their debt.


  • Mrs. Salazar
  • Lydia Salazar


Cons and Scams UsedEdit

Episode NotesEdit

  • The Eliot/Hardison story borrows from the 1958 film The Defiant Ones, starring Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier. In the film, Curtis and Poitier escape from a chain gang while chained together. Initially full of hate for one another, the chains force them to work together, and gradually, they develop respect for one another.


  • The aliases of Brody and Quint are an homage to the two main characters from Jaws (DVD Commentary from The Scheherazade Job)
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