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We go and steal the future.

Nathan Ford

Nate's team conjures up a plan to shut down fake psychic Dalton Rand who's scamming his clients.

The Clients[]

Ryan Mitchelle and his sister, Jodie McManus. Jody, a recent widow and close to the birth of her first child, has begun consulting Dalton Rand in an effort to communicate with her deceased husband. Jody is entirely in his thrall, and plans to sell her house to continue seeing him. Ryan approaches the team to expose Rand when he realizes Rand is a fraud, and learns what his sister is prepared to do.

The Marks[]

Dalton Rand, a television "psychic" with a show on a small, local cable station. Rand uses a combination of methods to create the illusion he is a psychic

The Con[]

The Television Psychic's Techniques[]

  • The Hot Read
  • The Cold Read

Episode Notes[]

Tara mention the Maltese Falcon in the episode which is a foreshadowment to the the Maltese Falcon Job


  • On the DVD commentary, writer Amy Berg notes that she named all the supporting characters after the numerous assistants on the show's production team.
  • Lana Veenker who plays the network scout for WMN, is the casting director for Leverage.
  • The name Peggy Milbank appears on the cell phone Parker lifted. She was Alice White's friend in The Juror #6 Job.