That's the funny thing about con men, they don't bluff.

Jim Sterling

Season finale, Part 1. For Nathan Ford's benefit, the team targets the CEO of the company that denied Nate's son's medical treatment and allowed him to die (Ian Blackpoole). All they have to do is steal Blackpoole's prized Michelangelo maquette (The First David) and sell it back to him as its twin (The Second David). All goes according to plan until Jim Sterling reappears.

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  • When Sterling and his men attempt to take the Leverage building by force, Hardison is forced to plant a bomb which results in the building being destroyed and the team losing their HQ.


  • Parker's Elite Aviation uniform is the same Vista Atlantic Airlines flight attendant uniform she wore in The Mile High Job.

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Leverage Production Blog - The First David Job

Leverage Production Blog - The First David Job

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