I'm not very good at being honest. Not even with my friends.

Sophie Devereaux

Nate and his team continue to vanquish greed by homing in on avaricious investment banker Daniel Fowler. Their scheme involves masquerading as "fairy godparents" to the white-collar crook's awkward stepson, Widmark Fowler.

The ClientEdit

  • Nurse Kay Maher, whose local clinic was closed when she let Daniel Fowler invest with it.

The MarkEdit

The ConEdit

To get Fowler, who is under house arrest, out of his apartment, the team must arrange a school event for Fowler's son, Widmark. To accomplish this, Hardison sends the principal of the private school on a vacation out of the country. Nate places himself into the position of headmaster, with Sophie and Eliot posing as his assistants, Coach Brewer and Ms. Donovan.

Parker and Hardison pose as a newlywed couple, and get an apartment in the same building as Fowler so that they can steal the money from his apartment when Fowler goes to see his son's school event, which Sophie and Eliot are trying to arrange by rigging contests with him to make him win.

Aliases Edit

Dr. Melcher(Nate)

Coach Brewer(Eliot)

Ms. Donovan(Sophie)

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