The Double Blind Scam was a scam used in the episode "The Double Blind Job", in the television series Leverage.


The scam is named after the Double Blind Scientific Experiment which is an especially stringent way of conducting a study, usually on human subjects, in an attempt to eliminate subjective bias on the part of both experimental subjects and the experimenters. In most cases, double-blind experiments are held to achieve a higher standard of scientific rigor.

In a double-blind experiment, neither the individuals nor the researchers know who belongs to the control group and the experimental group. Only after all the data have been recorded (and in some cases, analyzed) do the researchers learn which individuals are which. Performing an experiment in double-blind fashion is a way to lessen the influence of the prejudices and unintentional physical cues on the results.


In essence, the Leverage team put Darren Hoffman, in a double blind, by switching his two drugs (HT1 and Vioplex), and then hiding and then un-hiding them from his presence until he did not know which and where the drugs were.



When Hoffman thinks he has Nate beat, he unknowingly delivers HT1 to the FDA.