I got great drugs, do you want some?


The team position itself inside the pharmaceutical industry to crush Darren Hoffman, a crooked CEO who's trying to market a drug that could kill thousands of innocent people.

The MarkEdit

  • Darren Hoffman

The ClientsEdit

  • Ashley Moore


  • Lisa Moore
  • Michelle Coutola
  • Tiffany Helland
  • Nicholas Paxton
  • Carlos Avaya
  • Diana Levy
  • Wilson Peery


Cons and Scams UsedEdit

  • The Double Blind  Scam



  • The picture used for Laurie Sprang's identity used a head shot taken from Parker's photo shoot during the "The Jailhouse Job".
  • Nate reflects on his memory of dealing with I.Y.S. and Sam Ford's death.
  • Pallogen Pharmaceuticals appears again in The Long Goodbye Job.
  • The exterior of the Pallogen Pharmaceuticals headquarters is the same building that was used for the museum in The Second David Job.