The Cuban Sandwich is a scam used in the television series Leverage.


According to Sophie Devereaux, the con involves, "The Lawyer", "The Prosecutor", The Deal" and "The Dead Girl in the Bed", and needs the Mark to have a working deal with a prosecuting attorney.

The team had some trouble identifying the con as it was being set up. Alec Hardison identifies it as The Vegas Wake-up Call (which is usually performed as a prank), but Eliot Spencer claims that it cannot be the Vegas Wake-up Call as that con involves an angry boyfriend. (Note:  an angry boyfriend or other male accomplice is often employed in the Badger Game, although this con is never mentioned by name in this episode.) Eliot calls this con "The Dead Hooker Con". If this is real or if this is just Eliot's interpretation, is still in question. Sophie ultimately identifies the con as the Cuban Sandwich.


This scam was used in "The Morning After Job" episode.


The ConEdit

Since Mark Vector was going to testify before a Grand Jury for immunity. The Leverage Consulting & Associates team needed to get his information on Damien Moreau before he testified. The con was designed to scare Vector into a "new" plea agreement with "The Prosecutor", by introducing "The Dead Girl in the Bed" and pinning the killing on The Mark. The key is to get the Mark to confess to a crime he did not commit. The Plan was to glean what information the Leverage team needed and then deliver him to the Grand Jury.


Unfortunately, Moreau knows of Vector's testimony, and in conjunction with some dirty cops from the Boston Police Department, attempts to assassinate him. The Leverage team is caught in the cross fire. Vector gets scared, and refuses to give the information he knows. Fortunately, Nate gets all the information he needs. In the end, Vector breaks down in the middle of his testimony to the Grand Jury, and is taken into custody, after another attempted murder, losing his deal.