I tell you, if Sophie did this on a full-time basis, the car industry's troubles would disappear.

— Nate Ford, watching Sophie sell a car

Nate and his scheme team target a greedy car dealer (Duke Penzer). They rev up their scam by infiltrating the high-speed world of ace car thieves.

The ClientEdit

Paul Mantlo, a teacher who runs a landscaping business on the side. He purchases a pick-up truck from Penzer Auto Sales, which turns out to have been stolen, and has a cloned VIN.

The MarkEdit

Duke Penzer, a former minor race car driver who parlays his limited fame into used car sales.


The ConsEdit

Episode NotesEdit

  • The sequence where Nate (as A.J. Lucas) challenges Duke Penzer to a race draws heavily from the opening sequence in the Rockford Files episode "Never Send a Boy King to Do a Man's Job", an episode which also served as the basis for The Second David Job.


  • Neuro-linguistic programming is used in this episode. As Eliot is aware, it was previously used in "The Reunion Job". It was first used in "The Order 23 Job".
  • Eliot's car is modified by the team and used to race against Duke Penzer's car Veronica.
  • Hardison, when he is introducing the EMP cannon, quotes the line "This chick is toast," from the movie Ghostbusters. The gun's sound effects come from Ghostbusters' proton packs.
  • Archie Comics is referenced in this episode. Nate's car is "Betty" while Duke's car is "Veronica".
  • Sophie's car sales line, "Do you know why... just as an example - why driving this car is like making love to a beautiful woman?" is a play on the catchphrase of British comedy character (and car salesman) Swiss Toni.

Episode MediaEdit

Jimmy Joe Meeker - "Just put your foot to the firewall good buddy"

Jimmy Joe Meeker - "Just put your foot to the firewall good buddy"

Jimmy Joe Meeker (The Rockford Files): Foot to the Firewall