Good luck finding the guy that can do that.

— Craig Marko

While trying to save a stubborn hockey enforcer from sustaining permanent injury in the playoffs, the Leverage crew discovers that someone has nefarious designs on the team.

The ClientEdit

The son of Craig Marko, a hockey player for the Oregon Otters, a local semi-pro hockey team. Marko is the team's "enforcer", a player whose responsibility is to keep order on the ice. On the Otters, Marko's job is to bring in the fans by fighting, including picking fights if necessary. As a result, Marko has sustained numerous blows to the head that his son fears are affecting his memory and may have fatal consequences.

The MarkEdit

Pete Rising, owner of the Oregon Otters. Rising is a former player himself with an undistinguished career. To build up fan loyalty and excitement on the ice, he has offered his player, Craig Marko, a $500,000 bonus if he fights at least once in every match, arranging for faked medical records to make it appear Marko is fit to play when in actuality, the next blow could ultimately kill Marko . Rising is also skimming from the team, and is attempting to avoid paying the bonus to Marko.


  • Portland Memorial Coliseum, a sports arena in Portland, Oregon, and current home of the Portland WinterHawks, a major junior league ice hockey team.

The ConEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Treat Williams (Pete Rising):
  • Graham Shiels (Craig Marko):
  • Thure Riefenstein (Vladimir Busiak):

Episode NotesEdit

Vladimer Busiak says another name for Sophie, "Rosa"


  • Sophie Devereaux claims to have successfully stolen the Stanley Cup, and replaced it with a fake (though not a very good one). She also claims not to remember where the real one is currently located. This may be a reference to a humorous FedEx commercial from 1999, when two identical crates are switched, sending the Stanley Cup to Bolivia, and leaving a victory celebration of the Detroit Red Wings holding a crate full of feed.
  • Player in the penalty box with black rim glasses refers to the movie "Slap Shot", starring Paul Newman.
  • Treat Williams who plays Pete Rising is credited as a Special Guest Star.
  • Parker asks Hardison how that movie ended because she fell asleep. He said, "Soylent Green is people". Is based on a 1973 American science fiction film movie called Soylent Green.

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Leverage - Production Blog - The Blue Line Job

Leverage - Production Blog - The Blue Line Job

Production Blog: The Blue Line Job