The rich and powerful, they take what they want. We steal it back for you. Sometimes bad guys make the best good guys. We provide... Leverage.

Nathan Ford, Season 2 main title


With the team dispersed, Nate moves to Boston, and struggles with newly-found sobriety. Determined to return to his old life, Nate interviews for a position with an insurance company, but disappears before the interview ends. On his way home, he witnesses an accident, and rescues the car's passengers, a teenage girl and her father. The girl asks for Nate's help, telling him the accident was no accident. That evening, Nate attends a performance of "The Sound of Music", starring Sophie. Also there are Parker, Hardison and Eliot. They greet each other awkwardly, and we soon learn Sophie's invitations to each of them were designed to bring them back together. The five gather at the McRory's Pub, below Nate's loft, and the conversation soon turns to reuniting. Nate is unwilling to lead the team, but tells them about the girl, and they agree to do one job: to help the girl. The case leads them to a corrupt bank official and encounter with the Irish mob, and they find a new ally: Massachusetts State Police Lt. Patrick Bonnano. With Nate reluctantly back on board, Parker, Hardison and Eliot begin setting up a new headquarters in Nate's loft, much to his surprise. (The Beantown Bailout Job)

As they settle into their new base of operations, the team takes on a crooked fight promoter (The Tap-Out Job), an media-hungry reporter willing to create news where none exists (The Three Days of the Hunter Job), unrepentant white-collar criminals hiding clients' money (The Order 23 Job and The Fairy Godparents Job), a giant food conglomerate hiding tainted food (The Top Hat Job) and a corrupt diamond merchant attempting insurance fraud (The Ice Man Job). The team, and Sophie, reach a turning point when they find themselves pitted against another team of cons, headed by Marcus Starke, who are trying to recover the same painting (The Two Live Crew Job). The job has some unexpected consequences when the team must fake Sophie's death after one of Starke's team makes an attempt on her life.

On the heels of her faked death, Sophie makes some major life changes as she realizes Nate may never be able to tell her how he feels about her. She takes an extended break from the team, and begins a world-wide journey of personal discovery that begins at her own funeral, with the realization she has used so many assumed names and identities, including Sophie Devereaux, that she doesn't know who she is any longer. While she's away, the team finds themselves reluctantly accepting the assistance of Sophie's friend, a fellow grifter named Tara Cole. With Tara on board, the team takes on sweatshop owners holding workers hostage (The Runway Job), an Irish numbers runner attempting to steal their home base (The Bottle Job), and a fake psychic defrauding his clients (The Future Job). They must also team up with arch-rival Sterling to save Maggie and recover a Faberge egg (The Zanzibar Marketplace Job) before taking on a corrupt mayor and his gun-running associate, who attempt to murder Lt. Bonnano (The Three Strikes Job). By season's end, Sophie returns only to have Nate make an unexpected, life altering decision, but not the one she'd hoped for (The Maltese Falcon Job).

Episode List: 2009-2010 Edit

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
201 The Beantown Bailout Job John Rogers Dean Devlin 7/15/09 #201
The second season premiere. A newly sober Nate grudgingly reassembles the team in a scheme involving the Irish mob and a banker.

202 The Tap-Out Job Albert Kim Marc Roskin 7/22/09 #202
Nate's team schemes against a crooked fight promoter. But their mark is on to the sting, forcing Eliot to enter the ring.

203 The Order 23 Job Chris Downey Rod Hardy 7/29/09 #203
Nate's team takes aim at a thieving felon by commandeering a whole hospital floor and staging the deadly outbreak of a virus.

204 The Fairy Godparents Job Amy Berg Jonathan Frakes 8/5/09 #204
Nate and his team continue to vanquish greed by homing in on an avaricious investment banker. Their scheme involves masquerading as "fairy godparents" to the white-collar crook's awkward stepson.

205 The Three Days of the Hunter Job Melissa Glenn & Jessica Rieder Marc Roskin 8/12/09 #205
The Leverage team puts the sting on a callous tabloid newscaster, tapping into government-conspiracy paranoia as leverage.

206 The Top Hat Job M. Scott Veach & Christine Boylan Peter O'Fallon 8/19/09 #206
The crew squares off against a corrupt corporation that has been marketing tainted food. The Leverage team has a trick up its sleeve: They put on a faux magic show in an effort to slip through the corporation's tight security.

207 The Two Live Crew Job Amy Berg & John Rogers Dean Devlin 8/26/09 #207
The con job is on when Nate and his crew try to recover priceless artwork by squaring off against a band of thieves.

208 The Ice Man Job Christine Boylan Jeremiah Chechik 9/2/09 #208
The crew tries to deliver comeuppance to a corrupt diamond merchant, but a misplay involving Hardison results in the team's efforts to bust through Boston's most impregnable vault.

209 The Lost Heir Job Chris Downey Peter Winther 9/9/09 #209
The con is on when Nate's team targets a shady lawyer who's out to wrest control of his client's estate. Parker moves to the forefront of the scheme, masquerading as a long-lost daughter.

210 The Runway Job Albert Kim Marc Roskin 1/13/10 #210
Crimes of fashion compel Nate's team to surreptitiously permeate the high-fashion world in order to trounce a tyrannical sweatshop owner.

211 The Bottle Job Christine Boylan Jonathan Frakes 1/20/10 #211
To save McRory's bar, the Leverage team taps into a time-tested con to take down a rapacious loan shark.

212 The Zanzibar Marketplace Job Melissa Glenn & Jessica Rieder Jeremiah Chechik 1/27/10 #212
The team sets out to rescue Nate's ex-wife, who's languishing in a Ukrainian prison. But in order for their scheme to succeed, they must join forces with longstanding nemesis Sterling.

213 The Future Job Amy Berg]] & Chris Downey Marc Roskin 2/3/10 #213
Nate's team conjures up a plan to shut down a faux psychic who's scamming his clients.

214 The Three Strikes Job John Rogers Dean Devlin 2/10/10 #214
In the first part of the two-part second season finale, Nate and team try to scam a crooked local mayor by taking advantage of his passion for baseball. The high-tech outlaws try to cover all the bases, but they're thrown a curve because of an unforeseen snafu.

215 The Maltese Falcon Job John Rogers Dean Devlin 2/17/10 #215
In the conclusion of the two-part second season finale, Nate and his team continue efforts to hustle an immoral mayor and his gunrunning cohort.

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  • Season 2 introduces the main title sequence, including a "saga-sell" by Nate. Season 1 incorporated the credits in the first scenes of each episode. According to DVD commentary, the addition of the "saga-sell" was encouraged by TNT. The Two Live Crew Job does not include this sequence.
  • Each season has an overall theme. At the end of the Q&A for "The D. B. Cooper Job" on his blog, John Rogers revealed that the theme for Season Two is "Family".[1]

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