The rich and powerful, they take what they want. We steal it back for you.
Sometimes bad guys make the best good guys.
We provide... Leverage.

Nathan Ford, Season 3 main title


Season three opens with Nate on trial, and the team conspiring to break him out of prison, against his wishes. He soon convinces the team he means to serve his sentence in a private supermax prison, but the case of a young black man serving a long sentence for a minor crime leads to the discovery that the warden was engaged in bribery and fraud for his own gain. Nate pulls the team back together, and with the help of Det. Bonnano, breaks out of prison and brings down the warden. Nate's freedom comes at a price, when a mysterious Italian woman gives him a choice: find an untouchable international crime financier named Damien Moreau within six months, or return to a prison of her choosing. Nate also learns the remainder of the team knows something only he must earn: Sophie's elusive real name.

With Nate free and the team back together, if not entirely ready to forgive Nate for leaving them, they return to work, but with a second objective: to use their cases to help them build a trail that leads to Damien Moreau. Over the intervening months, they take on a software company executive in league with the Iranian mob (The Reunion Job), an amoral pharmaceutical company executive marketing a lethal drug (The Double Blind Job), a group of domestic paramilitaries funded by a corrupt IRS agent (The Gone Fishin' Job), a record executive stealing music from new writers (The Studio Job), a mine owner covering up mine safety violations (The Underground Job) and a race driver trafficking in stolen cars (The Boost Job). Along the way, they unleash Hardison's hidden talents as a violinist to bring down a corrupt African official (The Scheherazade Job), must rescue Parker's mentor, Archie Leach (The Inside Job), and take down a group of Russian and Irish mobsters lead by Nate's father, Jimmy (The Three-Card Monte Job).

They also manage some fun, when a brief respite allows them to reflect on one job from five points of view (The Rashomon Job). But with the Italian watching closely, the team's jobs eventually lead them to one of Damien Moreau's associates, a fine-arts dealer who uses children to smuggle illegal artifacts from the middle east (The King George Job). That in turn leads them to a former professional hockey player committing securities fraud who holds the key to accessing Moreau's accounts (The Morning After Job). After a little time off to save the reputation of a mall Santa and face off against old rival Colin "Chaos" Mason (The Ho Ho Ho Job), they finally come face-to-face with Moreau when he arrives in Washington D.C. to sell a bomb, learning a stunning secret from Eliot's past (The Big Bang Job). With Moreau on the run, the team follows him to his tiny island sanctuary of San Lorenzo, where an earnest presidential candidate and a stolen election lead to Moreau's final downfall (The San Lorenzo Job), and a surprising turn of events for Nate and Sophie.

Episode List: 2010-2011 Edit

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
301 The Jailhouse Job John Rogers Dean Devlin 6/20/10 #301
Third season premiere. Six months after his capture, Nate finds himself in a supermax prison, refusing to allow the team to break him out. He soon realizes the warden is padding sentences and the prison census for his own gain, and the team reunites to help an innocent victim, and free Nate. But freedom comes at a cost when a mysterious Italian woman makes Nate an offer he literally can't refuse: catch an untouchable international financier or return to prison.

302 The Reunion Job Michael Colton & John Aboud Jonathan Frakes 6/20/10 #302
In order to crack the password to a piece of super-spy software, the team target an unscrupulous software bigwig at a high-school reunion.

303 The Inside Job Geoffrey Thorne John Rogers 6/27/10 #303
The team must rescue Parker, who's trapped in an undisclosed location while they save her mentor.

304 The Scheherazade Job Chris Downey Peter Winther 6/27/10 #304
Nate and his mates set out to rob a corrupt African official's vault in Boston. But Hardison must face the music - the operation tasks him with playing violin in a nearby symphony concert.

305 The Double Blind Job Melissa Glenn & Jessica Rieder Marc Roskin 7/11/10 #305
The ace avengers position themselves inside the all-powerful pharmaceutical industry to crush a crooked CEO who's trying to market a drug that could kill thousands of innocent people.

306 The Studio Job M. Scott Veach Jonathan Frakes 7/18/10 #306
The high-tech outlaws creep into the country-music scene to shut down a shady record executive. Never missing a beat (or a beat down), strong-armed team member Eliot inadvertently becomes an actual country-music star.

307 The Gone Fishin' Job Rebecca Kirsch John Harrison 7/25/10 #307
Nate and his crew take aim at a morally bankrupt debt collector scamming innocent taxpayers. Yet the dream team's scheme turns perilous when they discover their target is also a domestic terrorist backed by a gun-toting militia.

308 The Boost Job Albert Kim Marc Roskin 8/1/10 #308
Nate and his scheme team target a greedy car dealer. They rev up their scam by infiltrating the high-speed world of ace car thieves.

309 The Three-Card Monte Job Christine Boylan Dean Devlin 8/8/10 #309
An unexpected adversary comes to the fore when the scheme team springs into action to help honest small-business men who are manipulated into committing crimes.

310 The Underground Job Melissa Glenn & Jessica Rieder Marc Roskin 8/15/10 #310
In the wake of a fatal mine explosion, Nate's avenging outlaws go underground - literally. They inch into the coal mines of West Virginia to stop perilous business practices, only to unearth information that affects everyone in the community.

311 The Rashomon Job John Rogers Arvin Brown 8/22/10 #311
In a pastiche of the classic 1950 film Rashomon, the team members recall - with very different perspectives - how they each tried to pilfer the same artifact on the very same night five years earlier.

312 The King George Job Christine Boylan Millicent Shelton 8/29/10 #312
London's calling, as the high-tech do-gooders journey to England to ensnare a morally bankrupt antiquities trafficker who's exploiting children as smuggling mules. But while in London, Sophie is haunted by her past.

313 The Morning After Job Chris Downey Jonathan Frakes 9/5/10 #313
Summer finale. The scheme team work to soundly trample a rogue financier, whose information could lead to their ultimate prize - supreme evildoer Damien Moreau. Parker moves to the forefront of the mission, but a turn of events soon jeopardizes the scam.

314 The Ho Ho Ho Job Michael Colton & John Aboud Marc Roskin 12/12/10 #314
Winter premiere. The team works to restore Santa's good name by slipping into a mall on Christmas Eve, only to collide with a shady scheme and an enemy from the past.

150px The Big Bang Job Chris Downey & Geoffrey Thorne Marc Roskin 12/19/10 #315
Nate and his team try to hunt down longtime nemesis Damien Moreau before he kills a highly skilled engineer and sells her work to global terrorists.

150px The San Lorenzo Job John Rogers & M. Scott Veach Marc Roskin 12/19/10 #316
Third season finale. The crew tails Damien Moreau to San Lorenzo, only to discover he's forged political connections at the highest level. In order to finally bring justice to Moreau, the team will need to take over the entire country.

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  • Mark Sheppard does not appear as Sterling this season. Sheppard has become so in demand, he was not available during the season's production period. Among the jobs Sheppard took was a two-episode role on Leverage-favorite "Doctor Who", playing an American FBI agent in the sixth series opener.
  • Nate is identified as the "Brains" rather than the "Mastermind" in this season's saga-sell. This was done to fit redesigned graphics used this season.
  • Each season has an overall theme. At the end of the Q&A for "The D. B. Cooper Job" on his blog, John Rogers revealed that the theme for Season Three is "Patience".[1]

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