Season four opens on an Alaskan mountain top a few days after the team leaves San Lorenzo, a planned two-week break interrupted by their latest job (The Long Way Down Job). Nate and Sophie come face-to-face for the first time since their unexpected morning after in San Lorenzo, and must decide their next move. The team also discovers their headquarters bugged and must find out by whom, and why. Their cases took them to a murder mystery night (The Ten Li'l Grifters Job), back in time to recover a painting lost, then found during World War II with an aging vet (The Van Gogh Job), up against big technology (The Carnival Job) and big agriculture (The Hot Potato Job), the dark side of public relations (The 15 Minutes Job), and a corrupt family of funeral directors (The Grave Danger Job). They travel to Dubai for an international chess tournament at the request of their old nemesis, Sterling (The Queen's Gambit Job), their resourcefulness is tested when they must recover a stolen donor heart with what they can find around them during an airport layover (The Cross My Heart Job), and they must catch the grandson of the greatest con of them all at his own game (The Boiler Room Job).

Soon the team learns it is being followed by mysterious business man named Jack Latimer (Leon Rippy), who has learned how to profit from their cases, and wants something specific from Nate. As they attempt to learn more about him, the team is drawn into the world of university secret societies (The Experimental Job), match-making (The Lonely Hearts Job) and the cash-for-gold industry (The Gold Job), and must save a small greeting card company with a documentary team filming as they do (The Office Job). What starts out as a night off turns into two jobs when Parker's friend Peggy (The Girls' Night Out Job) and old mark Jack Hurley (The Boys' Night Out Job) find themselves in the middle of two international conspiracies. The reappearance of Nate's father, Jimmy, leads to a final confrontation with Latimer and his secret partner, Victor Dubenich, and it takes a team of old friends and rivals to bring the two down.

Episode List: 2011-2012 Edit

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
LEVERAGE-The-Long-Way-Down-Job-4 595 The Long Way Down Job Joe Hortua & John Rogers Dean Devlin 6/26/11 #401
A financial manager goes missing on a climb, and his widow suspects his shady associate must be responsible. The team must find the missing evidence on a mountain top before a Russian gunman gets there first.

402 The Ten Li'l Grifters Job Geoffrey Thorne Arvin Brown 7/3/11 #402
When the team's mark is murdered at a murder mystery party on a remote island, the team must complete their mission and find the killer before Nate is arrested for murder.

403 The 15 Minutes Job Josh Schaer Marc Roskin 7/10/11 #403
Nate's childhood friend, a local politician, is smeared in an attack-ad campaign, and the team must expose the shadowy media expert who carried out the attack.

405 The Van Gogh Job Chris Downey John Rogers 7/17/11 #404
A lost Van Gogh painting takes the team back to WWII when a young black man and a young white woman become star-crossed lovers. Years later, the team is asked to stop a wealthy art collector who is trying to steal a painting the young man found in France during the war.

404 The Hot Potato Job Jenn Kao John Harrison 7/24/11 #405
The team must protect the developer of a super-tuber she plans to make available for free when a greedy agricultural company attempts to steal the potato and control its distribution.

406 The Carnival Job M. Scott Veach & Paul Guyot Frank Oz 7/31/11 #406
While stealing a revolutionary computer chip, the Leverage team runs into trouble with a Russian gang who kidnaps the mark's daughter during a carnival.

407 The Grave Danger Job Rebecca Kirsch John Harrison 8/14/11
(9:00 pm)
When a grieving family is conned by a shady funeral director, the team must bring down the director and take on the drug cartel working with the director -- before they lose one of their own.

408 The Boiler Room Job Paul Guyot Arvin Brown 8/14/11 (10:00 pm) #408
The Leverage crew goes after a con man, descended from legendary grifters, who knows every con there is. To bring him down, the team must beat him at his own game.

409 The Cross My Heart Job Story by Ben Fast & Scott Wolman
Teleplay by Jeremy Bernstein
P.J. Pesce 8/21/11 #409
The team discovers a client during an airport layover: a nurse being blackmailed into giving up a heart meant for a dying teenage boy. They must steal the heart back, without their equipment and in less than 108 minutes.

410 The Queen's Gambit Job M. Scott Veach & Rebecca Kirsch Jonathan Frakes 8/28/11 #410
When Sterling asks for their help, the team attempts to steal a nuclear centrifuge weight in Dubai during an international chess tournament. But there's more to Sterling's request than meets the eye.

411 The Experimental Job M. Scott Veach Marc Roskin 11/27/11 #411
A homeless veteran turns up dead and the police won't investigate so the the team venture into the world of university secret societies find out why.

412 The Office Job Jeremy Bernstein & Josh Schaer Jonathan Frakes 12/4/11 #412
The team must rescue a greeting card company that's the only industry in a small town from an internal fraud while a documentary team films.

413 The Girls' Night Out Job Chris Downey & Jenn Kao Marc Roskin 12/11/11 #413
Parker's friend Peggy is catering a party at the Venezuelan Embassy while dating a mysterious man. Parker, Sophie and Tara must get secret information to the opposition, prevent a bombing and ensure Peggy is not held responsible.

414 The Boys' Night Out Job John Rogers John Rogers 12/18/11 #414
Jack Hurley arrives to visit Nate, but is unknowingly running drugs for a Mexican cartel, while the Irish mob is trying to kill him. Nate, Hardison and Eliot must come to the rescue and unravel the conspiracy.

415 The Lonely Hearts Job Kerry Glover Jonathan Frakes 12/25/11 #415
While looking for a missing wife, the team into the territory of team running a dating agency scam.

416 The Gold Job Joe Hortua Marc Roskin 1/1/12 #416
The team take on a pair of unscrupulous retail gold traders with Hardison in charge.

417 The Radio Job Chris Downey & Paul Guyot Dean Devlin 1/8/12 #417
When Nate refuses the job, Latimer hires Jimmy Ford to steal a patent from the secure patent office. It is up to the team to get him (and themselves) out from under the noses of the police, the FBI and Homeland Security.

418 The Last Dam Job John Rogers Dean Devlin 1/15/12 #418
Nate confronts Dubenich, and realizes to take him down, the team will need a group of ringers who can beat Dubenich and Latimer at their own game. With a second team in place, Nate runs an elaborate con before confronting Dubenich and Latimer on the edge of a waterfall.

Notable CastEdit

  • Danny Glover appears as Charlie, an elderly WWII vet, with a story he will only tell to Parker in "The Van Gogh Job ".
  • Eric Stoltz makes a cameo appearance in the season opener as a climber who dies on a mountain top.

Season NotesEdit

  • Each season has an overall theme. During the discussion of episodes in Season Four, John Rogers revealed on his blog that Dean Devlin came up with "Consequences" for the theme of Season Four.[1]

References Edit

  1. Kung Fu Monkey blog (Specific Q&A "Post-Game" blog to be added later.)

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