Sam Ford is the son of Nathan Ford and Maggie Collins. He is a minor character in the television series Leverage, but has a major role in the background of one of the main characters.



The death of Sam led Nathan to the bottle, which in turn ended his marriage, and his employment with I.Y.S. Insurance. It also gave Nate an aversion to hospitals.

Eliot Spencer points out that everyone noticed that Sam's death was big, as it took a big Insurance Investigator out of the game.

Later, at the start of Season 1, Victor Dubenich used the memory of Sam to encourage Nathan to join his team to steal aircraft designs from Pierson Aviation.

After "The Nigerian Job", Nate uses his part of the take to fund a Children's Hospital.

We later learn in "The First David Job" that Maggie did not know of I.Y.S.'s involvement with Sam's death. In "The Second David Job" Nate finally tells her.


  • Sam's Funeral occurred 2 years, 3 months, and 15 days before "The Miracle Job".
  • Sam's Illness was in "stage four" when Nate approached I.Y.S. for payment for a possible treatment.
  • Maggie never knew IYS turned down to pay for treatment until Nate told her during the Second David sting.
  • It was mentioned by Nate, that if he had lived, Sam would have been 13 years old by The Cross My Heart Job.

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