Rucker's Gym is both a training facility and exhibition rink for the minor circuit Mixed-Martial-Arts (MMA) Sport. It was featured in "The Tap-Out Job" episode of the television series Leverage.

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Rucker's Gym, based in Lincoln, Nebraska has become one of the up and coming training grounds for Mixed-Martial Arts; especially with Nebraska and Iowa being in the center of the minor circuits of the Ultimate Fighting network.

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Aftermath Edit

For the fight between Eliot Spencer and Tank, Rucker bet everything on Tank, with the knowledge that Eliot was taking a fall. When it appeared that Eliot killed Tank in the ring, Rucker ditched town, to flee from authorities, knowing he had lost everything in the bet. Thanks to Alec Hardison, the Leverage Consulting & Associates Team were the collectors of the bet, and in turn owned Rucker's Gym. Nathan Ford and company hired Mark Howorth to manage the gym.