Dream Big, Build Big. That's what made this company what it is today.

Henry Retzing, The Snow Job

Retzing and Sons is a contracting and real estate company, featured in the episode "The Snow Job" in the television show Leverage.

History Edit

Founded by Henry Retzing, Retzing and Sons started as a building contracting company. They specialized in emergency repairs after natural disasters. They worked in underhanded ways to stall or produce poor quality on their jobs, and encouraging their clients to use their home equity to pay for the work through a contract lean. When the clients backed out or could not pay, Retzing and Sons would then buy out the home, evicting their original clients. Now flooded with capital, the organization is able to invest in other pursuits.

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Aftermath Edit

After the Glengarry Glen Death con, the Leverage Team took controlling ownership of the company, liquidating all the assets to put the victim clients back into their homes.