Pierson Aviation is an aerospace engineering firm in the United States. In addition to their defense contracts, they also are pioneering new designs in short commercial transit. Their chief competitor is Bering Aerospace.

History with LeverageEdit

In "The Nigerian Job", Victor Dubenich, in an attempt to steal designs from Pierson, hired Nathan Ford and company to break into Pierson Aviation. When Dubenich did not pay them, and attempted to kill them. Ford and company learned that while they were hired to "steal back" the designs, they actually just stole them.

Once Dubenich and Bering Aerospace were implicated in the theft, Pierson dropped all charges, against the original theft, when the designs and data were returned.


  • Chicago - Headquarters is located in the office complex at 131 S. Dearborn, 60603


  • Pierson is played by director Tony Bill.
  • The ten digit passcode Alec Hardison hacked was 8675309764, the first seven digits are a nod to the song "Jenny" by Tommy Tutone, whose lyrics are the phone number 867-5309.