Parker uses a series of rigs for rappelling in the television show Leverage. Some of which she designed herself. She does not use them exclusively, as she has used the rigs with other characters on the series, and the rigs have been used by other characters without Parker's presence.

Parker's RigsEdit

  • Parker's Rig Mark One: One of Parker's Rigs, Parker designed a rig to rappel down the side of a building, which she used at the start of The Nigerian Job. According to Parker, she was very fond of the rig, and the previous time she used it was in Paris, 2003, which Nathan Ford quickly links to the unsolved theft of a Caravaggio. Parker uses the rig to break into Pierson Aviation's office building so that Alec Hardison and Eliot Spencer can insert themselves. Parker's Rig Mark One uses pulleys and resistance attached to the artificial superstructure, which she constructs on the roof of the target building. This was improved by Parker, by putting those devices on the person, rather than the base, in Parker's Rig Mark Two.
  • Parker's Rig Mark Two: One of Parker's Rigs introduced in The Homecoming Job, when Parker and Alec Hardison break into Charles Dufort's office at Castleman Security headquarters. Parker designed the rig herself. It has a carbon fiber line, with a five point harness with three point weight support. It has auto-breaking resistance on the main pulley which rests at the small of the wearer's back. When Hardison asks if the harness has been tested, Parker replies "Not yet" and pushes Hardison off the edge of the roof. The harness performs as designed. The rig appears to be also used by Sophie Devereaux in The First David Job and by Hardison, again, in The Fairy Godparents Job.


Unlike Parker's Rig Mark One, which uses a manufactured superstructure as a base for rappelling, Parker's Rig Mark Two uses the actual building as its base. So no artificial superstructure is needed, since the pulleys and resistance is worn on the person and not the superstructure.


It can be assumed that all the exterior descents that the Leverage Consulting & Associates team does after The Nigerian Job are done with Parker's Rig Mark Two.


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