Maggie is the most honest person we know. But besides that, she's okay.

Parker, The Zanzibar Marketplace Job

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Dr. Maggie Collins is the ex-wife of Nathan Ford. She's an art expert, and holds at least one PhD. Little is known as to why she and Nate divorced, but it is alluded that Nate's self-destructive behavior after the death of their son (Sam) contributed. They seemed to be on friendly terms as she contacted Nate about their friend Father Paul in "The Miracle Job". She and Nate reconnected during "The First David Job", where she was working as an assistant curator at the Los Angeles Museum of Classical Art. She was recruited by the Leverage team during "The Second David Job", where Nate informed her of I.Y.S.' and Ian Blackpoole's role in their son's death. She eagerly accepted the role and helped the team in their final revenge. She re-surfaced in Kiev, working for the Kiev Museum of Art where she was framed for the theft of an antique Faberge Egg. The team rallied to her defense and with the (unwanted) help of Jim Sterling, her name was cleared.

Maggie still resides in Los Angeles.

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  • Technically, the first time Maggie was on the series was in the episode "The Miracle Job", but she did not appear on-screen. She was the one who informed Nate that Father Paul had been taken to the hospital, as part of a "one-sided" phone conversation.


  • Maggie's personal car is a metallic blue/grey Toyota Prius.
  • Most of the times when she and Nate meet each other, he tells her that he "Can explain." the situation they´re into.