Trick to a one-horse town... being the horse.

Judge Roy

Judge Roy is a county judge in a jurisdiction which included the town of Juan. His corruption with the local Meth Dealers, and the cover-up of the death of a high school girl (Beth Delgato), gets the Leverage team involved. His story is featured in "The Bank Shot Job".


Roy and Nate caught in the hostage situation

The Sting Before the Bank JobEdit

The Leverage Team played a "Rip Deal" on Judge Roy, where Nathan Ford portrays a money launderer, to abscond with over $100,000 of the Judge's dirty money, to then give the money to one of Roy's victims, Bev Delgado of the Delgado Family.

As Nathan and the Judge are leaving the bank, the bank is robbed by a duo of father and son (Derrick Clark and Michael Clark), which throws a wrench into everyone's plans.

The Sting During the Bank JobEdit

Once the bank is robbed, the Leverage Consulting & Associates plans change. Now they use the ill-gotten money to rescue a mother (Ellen Clark), but at the same time ruin Judge Roy. Even through Judge Roy discovers the plot, the Leverage team is able to not only rob him, but have him arrested.


  • It is hinted that Judge Roy is a Pedophile, as he asks the Bank Manager if an 19 year old employee has a younger sister.