Tell them stories Nate, tell them stories... About how much Jimmy Ford loved his son.

— Jimmy Ford, The Radio Job

Jimmy Ford is Nate Ford's father. A native of Boston Massachusetts, Jimmy was part of the Boston criminal underground, whose favorite game was Three-Card Monte. He started in the numbers game with Boston's Irish mob families. His headquarters was at John McRory's Place which was also the place where he brought Nate to learn the trade. He eventually became a major local loan shark, and eventually a mob fixer. At his peak, he was king of the neighborhood, serving two of the three Boston crime families: the Donnelly family and the McTeague family. Later, when a man named Artie Vanny turned states evidence, Ford took the fall for the three families and went to jail.

When Nate decided to attend a Catholic seminary with his friend Paul, Nate and Jimmy had a falling out, resulting in their no longer being on speaking terms. As a result, Nate was unaware that Jimmy was released from prison. The two were re-united after Nate moved back to Boston, and Jimmy was running larger cons with the Russian Mob. The two met at the John McRory's Pub, which was now Nate's headquarters.

In the end, Nate runs Jimmy out of Boston by blackmailing him against the three families. In time, Jimmy returns to the US to steal a patent for Victor Dubenich, as part of Dubenich's scheme to get even with Nate. Jimmy was killed in a warehouse explosion orchestrated by Dubenich.


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  • In "The Bottle Job", Nate uses his father's name as an alias.
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