Jack Hurley is a character on the television show Leverage. He was an investment broker.

History Edit

In his first appearance Jack has embezzled money through his job as an investment broker. A food bank worker reports him when her brokerage accounts are empty. The team track Hurley down to where he crashed his car and check him into Second Act Rehabilitation Center, after getting control of his alcoholism Hurley is a jovial friendly person.

Over the course of the teams investigation into where the charity's money has gone, they discover other than Michelle's account Hurley only took money from criminals and intended to help out Michelle (from the charity) they are out to kill Hurley and get the money back.

Nate attacks him and Jack tells the team where the money is hidden (inside the tube of one of his car's wheels). An explosion convinces the criminals Hurley stole from that he is dead and the team provide him with a new identity.

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