Blood money buys the best art.

Nathan Ford, The First David Job

Ian Blackpoole was the President and CEO of I.Y.S., the insurance company Nathan Ford worked for. During his reign as head of the company, Ian enacted stricter rules for Insurance payouts which eventually led to the death of Nathan's son Sam Ford.

Ian is also an avid collector of classical art. He coveted a legendary piece called The Second David, to compliment a statuette he already had The First David.

Ian also sponsored a wing in the Los Angeles Museum of Classical Art, to show his prized collection.

The First David StingEdit

In order to exact revenge, the Leverage Consulting & Associates plotted to sell Blackpoole a replica of the Second David, convincing him it was genuine. When he insured the art and it was discovered to be fake, it would discredit him with his shareholders, ruining him forever.

Unfortunately, when Maggie Collins appeared to authenticate the art, the team was forced to steal the First David, and present it to Blackpoole and Maggie as the Second David. It passed, but the scam was unraveled by James Sterling and his team.

The Second David StingEdit

Three months later, Nathan reappears and in bold confidence tells Blackpoole that he will rob Blackpoole's Two Davids Gallery on opening day. While Sterling and Blackpoole concentrated on Nate and protecting the Two Davids. The Team, with the help of Maggie, steal all the other artwork in the gallery, leaving the Two Davids unmolested. The art that was stolen was insured for 150 million dollars, and with Blackpoole having advanced notice of the heist would be held completely responsible. Sterling arranged the deal where Blackpoole would step down, and cleaned out financially, in exchange for the return of the stolen art.


Season 1Edit

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