I.Y.S. Insurance is a multinational insurance company handling policies ranging from medical insurance to insuring highly valuable items and information.


  • Insured the largest currency transfer, in history. Described as "billions and billions of cash" from the United States to Iraq, at the start the Iraq War, for currency for funding and bribes, as needed.
  • Until two years ago, Nathan Ford was the company's best investigator, his competition was Jim Sterling. Maggie Collins consulted with Nate and later independently. She specialized in at identifying fake artwork. When Nate left the company, Sterling became the chief investigator.
  • When Ian Blackpoole took over as President and CEO, he issued a new corporate policy to turn down claims until fully investigated, which resulted in client losses while I.Y.S. successfully stalled until it was far too late for the insurance to matter. In health insurance cases, people died before claims were paid, which was the case for Sam Ford.
  • When Sterling ascended to Vice President, he proposed that I.Y.S. begin a new policy of both insuring and securing their client's property when it was on public display. The first (and possibly only) attempt at this policy was the security around the Blackpoole Wing at the Los Angeles Museum of Classical Art.

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  • Geary (Assistant)
  • Quinn (Muscle)

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  • Los Angeles - Headquarters
  • Kiev, Ukraine

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