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The Team's AdversariesEdit

Adversaries are recurring characters the team encounters periodically or pursues over a story arc. Some may work with the team at times.

  • James Sterling: Nate's former rival at I.Y.S. Insurance and an occasional thorn in the team's side.
  • Colin "Chaos" Mason: Another hacker, a rival of Hardison's with a grudge against Sophie.
  • Quinn: A hired strong-arm man, used by Sterling.
  • Jimmy Ford: Nate's father.
  • Damien Moreau: A wealthy European crime financier.
  • The Italian: A mysterious woman who appears to have connections to European law enforcement.
  • Jack Latimer: An American businessman who follows the team's jobs as a money-making opportunity.
  • Victor Dubenich: The man who recruited the team, though his intent was to use them and then kill them.

Note: Chaos and Quinn were hired by the team in The Last Dam Job

The Team's Marks Edit

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Season TwoEdit

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Season FiveEdit

  • Scott Roemer (The (Very) Big Bird Job
  • Pete Rising (The Blue Line Job)
  • James Kanak (The First Contact Job)
  • Toby Heath (The French Connection Job)
  • Wendy Barron (The Gimmie a K Street Job)
  • D. B. Cooper (The D. B. Cooper Job)
  • Gabe Erikson (The Real Fake Car Job)
  • 'V' and 'K' (The Broken Wing Job)
  • (The Rundown Job)

The Irish Crime Families of BostonEdit