Specialized Cellular Phones provided to the Leverage Team by Alec Hardison, in "The Homecoming Job".

Known PropertiesEdit

  • Cellular Phone (rarely used in the presence of Earbuds)
  • Cellular Texting
  • Cellular Internet Access
  • Receive and Transmit Radio Frequencies
  • Audio collection and reproduction for Voice Authentication systems
  • Detection of communication and major security device frequencies
  • Camera (Still and Motion Capture)
  • Spy Camera (with fiber optic attachment)
  • USB Reader
  • Possibly Untraceable
  • Remote Control of Leverage Equipment
  • Remote access to other systems
  • Remote beacon and GPS transmitter
  • Portable Scanner

Featured EpisodesEdit

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Season 3Edit


  • The Cell Phones seem to change models from episode to episode. This makes sense as Hardison tries to keep the individual phones untraceable.
  • At the start of the series, Hardison (and the team) seem to prefer using Windows Mobile 5/6.0 based phones, such as the HTC Touch and Elf.
  • Android OS based phones were featured heavily in the series from Season 3 onwards.