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Breanna Casey is a character from Leverage: Redemption.


Breanna lived with her grandmother who had Alzheimer's Disease, after which she was fostered by Nana. This made her and Alec Hardison foster siblings.

She worked multiple gig jobs before joining Leverage International. One of these was working social media for a concert promoter.[1]

Notable Episodes[]

Leverage Redemption: Season One[]

Relationships with Other Characters[]


Parker taught Breanna how to tail people when Breanna was eleven years old.[2]


She expressed a romantic interest and mutual flirting with Emily in during The Great Train Job which leads to a kiss at the end of the episode.


Breanna: Hey, look. We're gonna mess this guy up pretty hard. Are we the... bad guys here?
Sophie: Oh, yeah! Never forget that, Breanna! We're not heroes. We're just... necessary.[3]


A listing on the Backstage website for hiring an actress to play Breanna (originally called Brenda) described the role as follows:[4]

Production Description: Casting the series regular role of Brenda in "Leverage 2.0" a one hour comedy-drama. Note: Seeking someone with a strong comedy background. Stand-up and/or improv a big plus.
Role: Brenda: Female, 18-29
Asian American; strong comedy chops. Comfortable playing LGBTQ+ character. Sarcastic and intelligent, Brenda joins the team as a new kind of the hacker, the “relevant” kind. Her special skills include being a genius mechanical engineer (just ask her about her drones) and making social hacking and social media manipulation look like child’s play. Landing in the foster system after her parents’ tragic car accident, Brenda got lucky finding a home with Nana, and bonus big-brother Hardison (Aldis Hodge), who reached out to the spiky, scared 10-year old by teaching her computers and hacking. Now, Brenda has a wicked sense of humor and is a genius-level hacker (but doesn’t want to be known for just that -- hello, Asian stereotype). She also still has some of her spikes, seeing the world with the jaded view of Gen Z, having lived through 9/11, unending war, global financial crisis, and the destruction of the earth at the hands of the generations who came before. In short, she doesn’t believe that the system needs to be fixed, she believes that the system needs to be blown up… and she has decided that joining the Leverage team is the best way to do it. As Brenda trains in new skills with the other Leverage team members throughout the season, she will learn to embrace and trust her new family and accept the fact that blowing it up isn’t always the answer, sometimes the way forward is to help just one person at a time…(Series regular, 10/13) Note: Seeking someone with a strong comedy background. Stand-up and/or improv a big plus.
Ethnicity: Asian