Alan Foss is a character that appears on the television series Leverage.


Alan Foss, a broker on Wall Street bought a stable of horses and when the horses didn't perform to his expectations he burned down the stables. Nine of the horses died and the only one that survived was too injured to run.

The Two-Horse JobEdit

Willie Martin was the horse trainer Foss hired, lured by the chance to partially own the horses he worked for the man. When the fire was set he was able to save only Baltimore. Willie and his daughter Aimee ask Eliot and the Leverage team for help to get Baltimore despite Aimee's unwillingness because of her hostile relationship with Elliot.

Foss lost Baltimore to Nate in a poker game and then is fooled into buying the borrowed horse Kentucky Thunder disguised as the lost heir of Secretariat.


The con was successful, Foss buys Kentucky Thunder who is switched for Baltimore. Sterling denies Foss the insurance claim, Willie Martin is safe from arson charges and Foss goes down for insurance fraud.

The team then give Baltimore to Willie as the fraud invalidated the sale.

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