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Pages that could be cool

Not sure yet how to make these lists that show up across episodes, but think these recurring themes would be fun to list. Since I've deleted the old episodes off TiVo, I'll have to do this going forward.
What people do on weekends: * Hardison makes toys for The Underground Job. * Parker cases banks in the Three Card Monte Job. * Eliot watches hockey fights ... alone ... at night ... in your room.
Things Parker doesn't know: That stealing mail is illegal in The Rashomon Job.
Things that are distinctive for Elliot: Peppermint has a very distinctive smell in The Rashomon Job. The King George Job: Former British Paratroopers: their haircuts, they have very distinctive haircuts.
Con objectives: The Underground Job -- We're going to sell the guy his own mine.
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Leverage is a great sure. Thank you to whomever set up this wiki. Not sure how long I'll be here, but I would like to contribute while I am.
As you likely know, it shows up on ION television from time to time. I'm on the Rashomon Job right now. Very funny!
This is my first time contributing to a wiki. I may need others who are more experienced to guide me if I mess up.
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Is there a timeline out there?

Is there a timeline out there anywhere - particularly one that chronicles all the pre-Nigerian-Job dates that are mentioned?  I did search and didn't see one on the wiki, so I thought I'd ask here.
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The United States Congress Set in The Gimme a K Street Job

Is that the same set from The Fairy Godparents Job? From where Nathan Ford introduces himself as Dr. Melcher inside the school to the group of concerned parents? Just wondering.
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Baseball card in The Nigerian Job

Does anyone know whose baseball card Eliot retrieves in his flashback during "The Nigerian Job?"
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What piece is played on the Wurlitzer organ in the Van Gogh Job?

What piece is played on the Wurlitzer for the performance near the end?
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Mystery MIB Guy The First Contact Job

Who was the mystery MIB looking guy who stepped from behind "Rikers" (elliot's) travel trailer, when he was snatched to work on the alien signal?
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Worst Episode Overall?

This was the worst episode in all five seasons.  Followed closely by the 10 lil Grifters. But this almost felt like an insult to the audience. Someone was trying to get the show cancelled.
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The Cross My Heart Job flaws

I'm bored and just watched this episode. I mostly like the episodes, but this one was a little ridiculous. I think they just fabricated the workings of every single agency in this episode to not give anything away that might rattle any cages.
1. The gang has to overtake the tower to find outgoing private flights to Chicago. This is public information. Just look at Flightaware.
2. The NWS office is not located in Cincinnati but Wilmington. 
3. There is no way the NWS would issue a tornado warning without reasonable confirmation from the readings they are monitoring.
4. There would only be about 2 people at the NWS office on a quiet day (albeit, the one in Wilmington shares the building with hydrological forecasters, but there's still only a handful of people there). The office looks really busy and is full of employees in the episode.
5. ATC leaves the tower when it's most crucial to planes in the area. Opposite day.
6. When Hardison has to vector the plane, aside from the goofiness, why would a trans-Atlantic flight attempt to go direct to Cincinnati instead of to New York City (as would be expected), especially if it was going to be low on fuel?
7. Why would a trans-Atlantic flight be coming into Cincinnati during night time when the westbound tracks for flights across the Atlantic are valid earlier in the day?
8. The gang steals SIDA badges, but don't have the correct codes to clear the doors to get to the ramp. The people who lost their badges are supposed to immediately report it to security. Red flags everywhere, especially when Hardison goes to find out his pin directly with security.
9. CQG is not an airport identifier. It's a fictional airport.
10. Flights of this nature (the original private flight that didn't go) would more likely be out of Lunken Field, about a 20 minute drive away. That's where more private and medical flights go in/out. This one holds little water, though. The bad guys could just as well fly a private flight out of the international hub.
That just about sums up things that jumped out at me. Are there any other flaws or questionable things you say about the episode? Maybe these things aren't glaringly obvious, but anyone can look this stuff up...
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Mikel Dyan v. Eliot Spencer

Does anyone know the translation of what Mikel Dyan said about Eliot when Starke was briefing his team?
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John McRory's Place

Where and what is the actual building that is used for John McRoy's Place in the show? Is it in Portland OR in real life?
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